The program places great emphasis on global leadership development by integrating the essence of innovation management and entrepreneurship. Through the two years, students will study, live and work with peers from all over the world. They will immerse themselves into cultural experience as well as academic studies. A mixture of case studies, lectures, action learning projects, company visits and cultural events ensure a rigorous and complete learning experience. The program consists of seven parts.

Leading for global impact (4 credits)
This part provides students with an in-depth understanding of the key challenges and opportunities in the global market.
  • (1 credit)-  Globalization and emerging markets
  • (2 credits)-  International business
  • (1 credit)-  E-business and China's experience
Leading for competitive advantage (7 credits)
This part develops the advanced knowledge and skills needed to understand and manage organizations in the global context.
  • (2 credits)-  Global strategy and innovation
  • (2 credits)-  organizational management
  • (1 credit)-  Technology leadership and intellectual property
  • (2 credits)-  Global Leadership
Leading for entrepreneurial spirit (11 credits)
This part equips students with an entrepreneurial mindset and skills necessary for a global career.
  • (2 credits)-  Entrepreneurship
  • (2 credits)-  Family business in emerging markets
  • (2 credits)-  Design thinking
  • (2 credits)-  Doing business in emerging markets
  • (1 credit)-  Marketing in China
  • (2 credits)-  Human Resource Management in Entrepreneurial Teams
Action learning (2 credits)
Students will be divided into different consulting project teams. Together with faculty and company executives, they will have opportunities to provide business consulting services for selected corporate partners.
General courses (8 credits)
  • (3 credits)-  Overview of China
  • (2 credits)-  Chinese Language
  • (2 credits)-  Management Research Methods
  • (1 credit)-  Academic Thesis Writing
Seminars (2 credits)
The students are required to attend at least 6 research or practice seminars.
Master thesis
Students are required to write their master thesis under the supervision of ZJU-SOM professors.